In 2020, Travis started doing teleprompter rentals and operating in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis / St Paul Minnesota.

The rush of live events and filming projects with remote camera crews using the hybrid interrotron style, presidential prompters, downstage confidence monitors with computers and software was exhilirating.

Working with a teleprompter was revolutionary in his corporate video projects as Covid-19 forced smaller crews and still wanting to get people involved to give feedback during live video crew projects.

So at first it was just an iPad teleprompter, which proved that teleprompters were an amazing tool – but iPad’s were just not the setup we wanted. Quickly he moved into a professional computer controlled shoot-through the lens / on-camera teleprompter setup.

In 2021 Travis added another matching pair of even bigger on-camera teleprompters to his rental list.

As live event production and non-profit galas started to pick back up, now he begain to travel for teleprompting working with some of the very best corporate event production companies in the Minneapolis MN area.

In 2022, Travis added a brand spanking new 17″ high-bright presidential matching pair of teleprompters as in-person events are picking up steam.

If you have an event needing a teleprompter operator in Minneapolis Minnesota, give Travis an email: travis (at)