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Motion Portraits

There are some things that photos can’t capture. For example, an image of your child laughing, will never be the same as seeing and hearing your child’s real laugh. You can hang a portrait of your baby learning to crawl, but that motion will never be the same once it’s frozen in time through that photograph. For when photos won’t due, there’s cinema. For the times that a portrait session won’t capture the essence of your (or your child’s) story, we introduce: Motion Portraits. 

Unlike anything we’ve seen at other studios, Motion Portraits is our interpretation of the beloved portrait session. Rather than focusing on capturing 10 or 20 static images like with traditional photography, we aim for capturing more. Capturing your story in it’s truest form – alive – moving. Aimed at capturing more than just a moment in time, more than just that one expression in one image, Motion Portraits capture the essence, personality, and individuality through the cinematic portrait film.

If you are interested in hearing more, fill out the CONNECT form or call 612-208-8819 and we can fill you in with all the details. We’re so excited to finally be able to offer this to our clients!