Slow Motion Booth

Announcing The NEW Slow Motion Booth of Minneapolis and St Paul MN!

There’s little question as to why a slow motion booth (aka the slow motion video booth) has skyrocketed in popularity for weddings in and around Minneapolis MN. The biggest reason people love this new photo booth twist is just how cool and interesting super slow motion looks. You can literally see things that you can’t in real life! The entire “slow motion booth” concept is (pretty much) a brand new technology that was introduced late 2013 and often voted as one of the most unique and hottest trend for 2014 weddings and events.

So what types of things can you see in slow motion that you can’t in “real life”? Many things like confetti blowing through the air – or the the moments of flight – of weightlessness – that peak – the point in time your hair keeps jumping while your body returns to terra firma as you laugh like you haven’t in years.

While we are busy purchasing and testing the unique high end (and high speed) camera equipment, we are working on unique ways to bring the BEST slow motion booth to the Twin Cities MN area. So as you get lost spending hours watching hilarious slow motion videos on Youtube from around the world, please leave a quick note here with your ideas! Whether you’ve got ideas for memorable backdrops, props, or just fun ideas you want to see acted out in slow motion, please let us know by clicking on the second graphic below! Seriously, we want to make this the absolute best Minneapolis Slow Motion Booth!


UPDATE: we launched our own slow motion booth video!

If you’re curious what on earth a “slow motion booth” actually looks like, here’s a link to a Youtube search which should help explain it better!

What is Slow Motion Booth Video?



WHAT NEXT: If you’re interested in:

  • seeing our very own sample slow-motion video

  • getting our pricing and package information

  • any questions about the coolest new wedding and event entertainment to come to Minneapolis / St Paul MN area in 2017 (and into 2018!)